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Hey everyone! 

Long time no see, eh? 

Speaking of that, I had some notes that were in my Inbox for a little while and didn't see them until today. So I just wanted to leave some contact info if you are interested in commissioning me. I don't come over here often, so please contact me through these sources instead! 

I'm on Instagram daily. You are welcome to send me a message there. This is also the social media platform I keep updated the most often. 

My Tumblr is a good place to send a note. I get on there every couple of days. 

Facebook page:
I receive notifications when I get messages here, so that's a good spot to contact me through. I am on Facebook to check notifications daily. 

Thanks, everyone! Hope you're enjoying the Nintendo Switch! I know I am. It feels good to be back in Hyrule again. 
I'm back! It's been a long time since I've posted anything here so I decided to dust it off and see what I can do. 
Be prepared for a flood of updates. 



Here are the stats: 
  • I DO NOT accept Deviantart points. 
  • Payment is USD through Paypal only. 
  • I will refuse a commission if it is something that I'm not willing to draw. Keep it clean, folks.
  • Please message me if interested. I will then give you my email for further discussion and Paypal payment. 
Here are the rates: 
  • Sketches- $15. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3.  These can be either traditional or digital, whichever you prefer. If you'd like it inked, that will add an additional $3. 
  • Flat Color- $20. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3. 
  • Cel-Shade- $25-$30. Example 1. Example 2.  Example 3. The pricing depends on the complexity of the character being shaded. 
  • Digital Paintings- $35-$50. Example 1. Example 2.  Example 3. Again, pricing depends on complexity of the piece. 
  • Please note that additional characters will be $5 extra for each character. 
  • Backgrounds will cost extra as well. Just message me the background you'd like in the piece and we can discuss a fair price to add to the commission cost. 
If there is anything that you see in my gallery that isn't in the list or that you have questions about, please message me! We can discuss options.
Thanks, everyone! 

ALSO also, I opened an Etsy shop! I'll be selling cell phone charms on there. The first in my Dinosaur Breakfast series is up with my Tywafflesaurus Rex charm. Check it out! 

Tywafflesaurus Rex

Instagram: @storysafari
I've had a lot of new watchers lately (thanks!!) and wanted to post a link to my Tumblr. 

Just a friendly reminder that I don't venture into DA waters too often, and if you'd like to see more art and frequent updates, this is the place to go:
Thank you for those who ordered commissions! Here is the current commission list:
1. Throwbob-75%
2. Blue-Lupus-FINISHED
3. Zealotelite-Waiting Payment
4. Niels-Waiting Payment
5. Spencer M-Waiting
6. Warringer-Started

Commissions are now back to full price. Here are the prices:
Sketches- $15 

Color Sketch-$20

Flat color-$35

Cel Shade-$45

Flat color w/ texture-$45
Character Sheet (Flat Color. Cel shade + $10)- $50
Lineless Cut-out-$65

Gif animations of your character starting at $70 

Full Character shot- $75

Paintings- $100 + (depending on the level of complexity of the character)

* Add 50% of the original price for each additional character. 

Also, if you see something that doesn't fit under these categories, or any that you have questions about, go ahead and email me and we'll work out a price.

Note me if interested!
This is the last week for my 50% off commissions! I am putting my commissions at HALF-OFF for one more week! Take advantage now! I posted the prices in my gallery. Keep in mind that those are the starting prices. Additional characters are an additional 10% (normally an additional 50%) and digital paintings may be more depending on the complexity of the piece. If you see something in my gallery that you like and don't know what category it would fit under, just shoot me a note and we'll discuss pricing.
Send me a note if interested! 
For those who ordered commissions so far, I'm chipping away at all them. My friend let me borrow her tablet until I can get a new one. They'll be done soon!
Hey everyone!
So I've been sick a lot more lately and because of this, my monthly bills are a little higher than I was expecting. I need help to pay the bills and take care of other expenses, so I am putting my commissions at HALF-OFF for a limited time! Take advantage now! I posted the prices in my gallery. Keep in mind that those are the starting prices. Additional characters are an additional 10% (normally an additional 50%) and digital paintings may be more depending on the complexity of the piece. If you see something in my gallery that you like and don't know what category it would fit under, just shoot me a note and we'll discuss pricing.
Send me a note if interested!
Thanks for the help, everybody :)
If I open up commissions, would people be interested?
Hey guys.
Sometimes I update here. Most of the time I update on Tumblr.
I've had a sudden influx of watchers lately...I don't know where you all are coming from, but thanks for watching my art! It means a lot to know that somebody other than myself likes to see all the art ideas that are running through my head. Hopefully I won't disappoint, haha. Hugs for all! :hug:
Find me over on Tumblr!
Question for all you tech-savvy buddies!
My Photoshop CS3 seems to crash everytime I use a brush other than the basic ones included in Photoshop. I have a Mac with OSX with updated software. It never used to randomly crash...but now it crashes every time I start to paint. Any ideas how to fix it?
Everybody everywhere! My Reaper Dino design is up at Patched Together as a chance to be made into a toy! Please vote, that would make me oh so incredibly happy to have that made into a toy.
You're all AWESOME!
Vote here:…

All you have to do is make an account with Patched Together (it's freeeee!) and vote for it!
Please help me make this HAPPEN.
Jumpin' on a baaandwagon~
I started using it again.
Clairictures @ Tumblr
Hey All!

I just returned from my mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was fantastic! Best experience of my life. I served in the Four Corners region of the United States and it was wonderful. I loved loved loved it. I'm excited to be back in the drawing world again!

Commissions are OPEN friends. Here's the info:


Sketches $5. Examples:

Flat color $10:

Cel Shade $15-$20:

Paintings $30:


Thank you for all the faves and watches!
Love you all :)
I'm off to serve an 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I won't be online during that time, so no new art will be updated until I return. I have a lot of things planned for my return, including returning to animation. But until then, I'm going to happily serve as a missionary for the LDS church.
I wanted to thank you all for supporting me in my artistic endeavors. I really appreciate all the feedback and critique I receive and I'm glad to find that I have the kindest watchers in the world. :)
Thanks again, and I will see you in 2012!
Happy Drawing, everybody
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are open! Send them my way, people.


Anything goes, fan art included.

**EDIT: That is, stay away from the anime stuff. I keep getting a lot of anime requests, which is understandable as I have Death Note in my gallery. Fact: I don't know anime nor do I like it very much. I've seen Death Note, and it has been the only anime I've liked. So try not to request me for anime work. **

Look below for more info.


I really need commissions at the moment because I'm currently jobless and it's hard to find a job right now. I'm completely broke and living off of help from other people, which I hate doing and would like to stand on my own two feet. I would prefer that you commission me as opposed to a request.

Sketches $5. Examples:…

Flat color $10:

Cel Shade $15-$20:

Paintings $30-$40:

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Friends, send me your artistic inspirations!
Mine? At the moment, Johnny Wander. It's a fantastic web comic that everybody should read at least once in their lives.

The art is fantastic, the stories are fantastic, the characters are fantastic. When I grow up, I want to be Johnny Wander.
Also, Adam WarRock wrote a song about the series that makes me want to draw ALL DAY.

Alright, peeps. Send me your inspirations and dreams.
Also, draw me some pictures in my journal.
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$5 sketch commissions open! Note me if you're interested. :)
Other commissions are open as well. Note me if something in my gallery interests you.
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Not really, just requests. But at least it got your attention.
I've been doing nothing but study Japanese literally all the time lately, so I've been feeling a bit under the weather as far as drawing goes. Help me out, give me some sketch ideas!
Fun stuff! Silly stuff! Fan stuff! Stupid stuff!
SKETCH REQUESTS. I wants them.
Peace. You're awesome.
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In between working on animation, watching Asian dramas, and reading Sherlock Holmes, I need some stuff to draw. I'll be taking some sketch requests for a short time in hopes that you guys will give me some good ideas and get me drawing again!
Go, go, go! What should I draw?

Email me at for info!
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Want to feed a starving artist? Today's your lucky day!
Commissions are now open, my friends.

Black & White
$10 -  sketch (…)
$25 -  ink (…)
$40 -  cell shaded (…)
$60+ - painting/rendering

$40 -  flat color (…)
$55 -  cell shaded (…)
$90+ - painting/rendering (…)

*50% of the price will be added for each additional character*

~~~~ I WILL do fanart for commissions ~~~~~~~

Email me at if you're interested!
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